MOCHA / MOKHA YEMEN (Coffee Arabica)

It is collected from many mountainous areas along the western and central mountain ranges of the Republic of Yemen. 

Mocha Yemen is graded of fine quality, however, is much better than coffee of the neighboring African countries, especially al-Matari, Yafea'i and Khawlani in the far north.

Mocha Yemen is harvested manually, and dried cheries come to our facilities after drying by the farmers, natural method unwashed, till it reach the desired level of drying till its color turns dark red or dark gray. Coffee comes as whole grains or peeled, and we carry out the hulling process by modern equipment. This product is available in size 13/14 and 15+.

The flavors are different from one region to another, and can mix multiple types of convergent qualities and flavors to form an acceptable blend of coffee


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