This wonderful variety of coffee comes only from the high mountainous farms in Eastern Haraaz sited at the level of 1800-2200 meters above sea level,

where it takes advantage of the mild climate and the low humidity that "Haraaz" enjoys, which gives it a high level of quality, and enjoying the fresh balanced minerals of rainwater, dams and springs.

The fruits of the coffee are carefully harvested manually in a wonderful blend of natural colors, from red to pink, with a whiff of yellow, which reaches our facilities fresh, so we,then, sort them out according to the tastes of our customers before they are being transferred for drying

Traditional drying is practiced under the sunlight without washing, being as a distinctive feature of the haraazi coffee and Yemeni coffee in general, where the coffee peel gives an additional value of the sharp flavor of the fruit in a generous giving similar to mother-baby relation . The fruits of the coffee are placed on mats made of palm trees on a raised beds , and carefully swerved by hand so that the surface of the shell receives equal amount of sunlight, untill the internal moisture reaches the desired level.

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