We, Jalal Al-Emadi Trading & Export Est., started in November 2016 to work in the field of developing coffee growing in the high mountainous Haraaz area, 100 km away from Sana'a, the capital of the Republic of Yemen, incluing coffee tree planting and care, which has been the profession of parents and grandparents for hundreds of years. We have our own coffee farms in Haraaz district that sit at altitudes of 1800 - 2460 m above sea level.

In order to achieve comprehensive development in the Yemeni coffee industry, we carry out the implementation and supervision of all stages of coffee production and marketing to reach the consumer with the best quality. We have trained workers to harvest coffee fruits, sorting and drying, who work according to the procedures and professional rules they have been trained on. We also provide recommendations and training courses for coffee growers in nearby areas to ensure a close quality Of the final product provided to the consumer compared to our own farm products.

We are currently exporting our green coffee products to the countries of the region;Saudi Arabia and Egypt are the first in the list of importers of our products and we have achieved a great achievement by delivering our products to the American market. This is a great start considering the presence of well established companies in the market. We have started tabbing the potentials in Canada, Turkey, Korea and Japan. We are confident that the quality of our products will enable us to demonstrate a strong presence in any market that we target in cooperation with local partners in those targeted foreign markets.