Al Emadi is proud to produce the highest quality and delicious taste, which is our secret key to the hearts of the world's gourmet coffee without a visa. Farmers like to name the fruits of red coffee with red agate, compared to the precious and famous Yemeni agate to express their appreciation for these fruits.

Harazi coffee is grown in the heights of the mountainous Haraaz region at an altitude of 1800-2460 m above sea level, which enjoys moderate temperature and low humidity. Such climate is one of the most important factors for its quality as well as the quality of the water used to irrigate the coffee trees. It depends on rainwater, dams and springs from the peaks of the mountainous highlands which are With a balanced mineral texture and fresh taste, giving the fruits of the coffee a unique sweet taste.

The Yemeni coffee trees receive special care from the farmers, that produces 100% organic coffee beans free of fertilizers and pesticides. The fruits of the coffee are harvested in stages. No fruits are harvested until they mature and turn into a dark red color and saturate them with rich fruity flavors that has been left in soil by old plantations many years ago..

Traditional drying is practiced under the sunlight without washing, being as a distinctive feature of the Harazi coffee and Yemeni coffee in general, where the coffee peel gives an additional value of the sharp flavor of the fruit in a generous giving similar to mother-baby relation .

The fruits of the coffee are placed on mats made of palm trees on a raised beds , and carefully swerved by hand so that the surface of the shell receives equal amount of sunlight, untill the internal moisture reaches 13%.


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